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Nail Enhancements

Nail Enhancements

Dipping Powder - Healthy Nails - Best Choice

Try our new Dipping Powder that is a healthier alternative to acrylics that does not harm your nail beds. Dipping Powder service will make your nails stronger, durable and with a natural feel. It is lightweight and flexible. This product does not contain any harmful substance or primer making it environmentally friendly
Color Powder $45
Pink & White $52
Ombre $60
Add Cuticle trimming $7
Chrome $15

Pink & White

Full Set $60
Fill-ins $50
Pink Fills Only $40

Liquid Gel

Full Set $50
Fill-ins $40
Pink & White Full Set $60
Pink & White Fill Ins $50
Pink Fills Only $45
Add Gel Polish Service $5


Full Set $40
with White Tips $45
Fill-ins $35